Boeing's 787 Dreamliner

Company Snapshot

Boeing is the world's largest aerospace company with over 150,000 employees and sales of over US$60 billion. In the commercial airlines segment, it competes as a top manufacturer with Airbus of France.

Blue Ocean Strategic Move

Boeing has a long history of aviation innovation and its new 787 Dreamliner mid-sized passenger aircraft is its latest breakthrough. The 787 has been designed - in true Value Innovation fashion - to simultaneously reduce costs and raise buyer value. Unlike traditional commercial airplanes, the 787 is mostly made of composite materials which are extremely lightweight and strong. This construction means that the 787 uses 20% less fuel per passenger than similarly sized airplanes and also has reduced maintenance costs. The 787 delivers increased buyer value to carriers and passengers because it has more cargo capacity and a more spacious interior for a more comfortable flying experience. Passenger comfort and flying enjoyment is increased with wider seats, aisles and larger overhead bins as well as larger windows and increased humidity.


In spite of numerous production delays, Boeing delivered its first 787 Dreamliner to ANA in September 2011. In September 2009, Boeing had received orders for over 840 of its 787s from 56 different airline and leasing companies around the world. The orders are valued at well over US $110 billion and represent the creation of a large new blue ocean. According to company officials, Boeing expects to sell 3,500 units over the next 20 years with a total value of US $400 billion.