Organization Snapshot is a San Francisco, California based non-profit that offers micro-loans to individual entrepreneurs in developing countries around the world. The organization has been featured on such television programs as Oprah and Frontline for its unique approach.
The group's tagline is "Loans that Save Lives."

Blue Ocean Strategic Move

Kiva has pioneered a new microcredit model that exemplifies the key principles of Blue Ocean Strategy. Unlike traditional microfinance institutions which typically have high administration costs and charge high interest rates, Kiva has created a highly efficient model with mass appeal that uses the web to connect individual entrepreneur borrowers with lenders who are ordinary people. Kiva has also partnered with over 65 field institutes in many countries that provide on-the-ground application screening, loan approval, disbursement and administration.

Kiva does not charge any fees or interest and is currently completely supported by voluntary contributions and donations. Kiva's field partners can charge some interest to cover their costs and risks, however, these must be fully disclosed and cannot be exorbitant.


Four years after its founding in the Fall of 2005, by November 2009 Kiva had made US $100 million worth of micro-loans (some as small as $25) connecting 573,000 lenders with 239,000 extremely low-income entrepreneurs in developing countries. Kiva has created a new and rapidly growing Blue Ocean source of capital that ordinary people can tap into and contribute to. It has also created a social network and community of borrowers and lenders that can communicate with each other directly and have been empowered to achieve their own personal entrepreneurial and philanthropic goals in unprecedented ways.