Crocs, Inc.

Company Snapshot

Crocs is one of the shoe industry's star performers. It designs, manufactures and markets brightly colored, comfortable branded footwear and accessories for women, men, and children.

Blue Ocean Strategic Move

Crocs, Inc. created a big new blue ocean market space in the shoe industry with its unique lightweight clogs that combine comfort and fashion at a low price point. Crocs branded shoes have broad appeal because they are a fun alternative to traditional sandals and casual shoes and come in a wide range of funky bright colors. Combined with their bold new look featuring a crocodile logo, Crocs have also been a big success because they offer a number of practical benefits that customers care about: ergonomic comfort, lightweight, anti-skid, waterproof, and anti-microbial.


Initially founded in 2002 as a new type of boat shoe maker, the company has grown into a worldwide phenomenon in casual footwear with sales in over 90 countries and reaching $1 billion in 2011.